Friday, April 20, 2018

On the edge of the horizon

 Title: 27 Club All-Stars 
Medium: marker, spray paint, acrylic
Size: 24x36

 Title: Fracturing the Agony
Medium: marker, spray paint
Size: 20x20
Price: $700

 Title: The Train of Thought
Medium: marker, spray paint,
Size: 18x24
Price: $1,100

Title: Frolicking In the Love Game
Medium: marker, acrylic, spray paint
Size: 24x30
Price: $950

 Title: Peace in Many Tongues
Medium: acrylic, spray paint, marker
Size: 18x24
Price: $750

Title: Quest 4 Freedom
Medium: acrylic
Size: 24x24
Price: $650

 Title: Pacify the bullets that fly
Medium: spray paint, marker
Size: 34x36
Price: $1500

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